Friday, November 19, 2010


Chickens are curious folk
They say an egg is an egg and a yolk is a yolk
But really a yolk is part of an egg, but is an egg part of a yolk?
And should we eat the shells of eggs, or will they make us choke?
Perhaps the answer to all this is chickens are curious folk.


Squished together in a can
Atrocious to the taste of man.

Really super gross, so please don’t give me more

Dish me out a spoonful and I’ll throw it out the door.

I’d really rather do the dishes

No! Don’t make me eat those little fishes!

Eating them gives me the grovies

So what happens when you eat anchovies?

Ode to an Orange

So small and round
Your beauty seeps
Through tough yet squishy peel
Your button stem
Your juicy fruit
Your little pebble seeds
You roll around so easily
Wrapped in your porous skin
So sweet to taste
Though sometimes sour
No two do taste the same
Your little segments peel apart
Your color is your name
And from a tree
You once were plucked
From bushy emerald leaves
And traveled over many roads
Until you found your way
From store to home
You once did roam
                                                             Until you came to me!

The Beast

In every cabinet there lives a beast
He eats the old bread, sour milk and the yeast
And at night he comes out to rule the pantry
Dancing around and singing a shanty

Until the morning light shines in
Then he returns to the compost bin
He crushes the egg shells and squashes the cheese
He mashes the orange peels and crushes the peas

Until you’ve had breakfast, and then he comes back
And switches the labels on your mothers spice rack
So this beast, he repeats the same thing every day
And stays in your house wreaking havoc some way